JIEUN PARK (b.1987) 
B.F.A Advertising, Design and Fine Art, KONKUK University   

2018 Ballantine's 17 years Seoul Limited Edition   

2013 ONE TO WATCH in Saatchi Art2013 ONE TO WATCH in Saatchi Art         
         GIAF painting competition, the first prize          
2013 The painting competition of Kyung-In, special selection 
2011 The painting competition of Seoul Digital Institute, excellence award 
         2011 Seoul Metro national conference, 'Win a prize' 

Solo Exhibitions 
2024 Redsea gallery, Singapore (Scheduled) 
2023 Breath, Art Sohyang, Busan 
2022 The white way, Seojung art, Seoul          
         A little talk, Bien gallery, Seoul 
2021 A little talk, Bien gallery, Seoul          
         Travelogue, Redsea gallery, Singapore 
2019 A little talk, Galerie Frida, Seoul 
2018 Musings and Memories, Fullerton Hotel, Singapore, Redsea gallery 
2017 Night visions, Redsea gallery, Singapore 
2015 Encounters, Redsea gallery, Singapore 
2014 A little talk, Redsea gallery, Singapore          
         Inner Journey, AP Contemporary, Hong Kong 
2013 La premiere Memoire, Gallery Aile, Seoul   

Group Exhibitions 
2024 Under 200, Art Sohyang, Busan       
2023 Dear Cabinet, Seojung art, Seoul
2022 Group exhibition of 3, print bakery_Lotte world tower, Seoul
         Korean artists, Shinsegae Centum City, Art Sohyang, Busan
2021 Group exhibition of 2, print bakery_Lotte world tower, Seoul 
         성시도 (城市圖), Government Complex Seoul gallery, Seoul 
2020 il volo, Art Sohyang, Busan          
         Abstracted city, Albemarle gallery, London 
2019 living with art, Lina gallery, Seoul          
         Under 200, Art Sohyang, Busan 
2016 Summer Group Show, Redsea gallery, Singapore 
2015 Group exhibition, Bien gallery, Seoul 
2014 Group exhibition, Opera gallery, Seoul         
         Group exhibition, Opera gallery, Singapore          
         Group exhibition, Chung Jak gallery, Seoul          
         Group exhibition of 2, Bien gallery, Seoul            
         All the way from Korea, Opera gallery, Seoul 
2013 Korea tomorrow, The arts center, Seoul          
         GIAF Gwanghwamun International Arts Festival, Seoul          
         12 Oriental painting ,Gong Pyeong gallery, Seoul          
         New thinking, Gong Pyeong gallery, Seoul          
         jump up, Chung Jak gallery, Seoul          
         Group exhibition of 3, EDA gallery, Seoul          
         Think and see, See and think, Gong Pyeong gallery, Seoul 
2012 I love my pet, Gallery Aile, Seoul          
         The city, Gallery Aile, Seoul          
         L'Issue Brumeuse, L’espace des arts sans frontiere, Paris, France          
         Rest, Insa art plaza, Seoul          
         2012 GIAF Gwanghwamun International Arts Festival, Seoul 
2011 HOMA curator project, Hong-ik Museum of Modern Art, Seoul 
2010 Modern 20 artists, Love&Art gallery, Cremona, Italy
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